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how to get more traffic to your website

Generating traffic to your website is one of the most important variables of our online marketing strategy. At the end of the day, what would happen to our business if no one visited ?.

If you get an innovative product or service is essential to differentiate ourselves from the competition, it is equally important to our ability to become visible in front of our target audience.

And in this, our website plays a fundamental role: it is our window, the meeting point where every time and to a greater extent, the consumer decides to buy your product or hire our service.

  • The list of tips and actions to generate traffic to our site is very long. However, in this first approach to enumerate the basic concepts around which should turn our strategy:
  • Optimized Content and Relevant
  • Search engines like Google are a major means of generating traffic. Therefore, we recommend you make sure your website is in line with the latest standards of programming and content marketing.
  • Thus you achieve be properly indexed by search engines and move up in search results.
  • Your goal is clear: You must achieve to reach the first 3 positions for keywords related to your business, which account for almost 60% of clicks from users.
  • This is a complex, continuous and long-term task. In general it is necessary to focus on two key areas:
  • Optimize website content
  • The key to creating a quality website is to guide the site and its content to users and not search engines, explains Alexi Douvas Google team.
  • He also adds that the most important thing is to create original content. Think of the actual theme of your site and how it differs from the rest. And finally, take the time to regularly assess the site and archive the content that is no longer relevant.
  • Generates relevant external links
  • It is what is called linkbuilding Gone are the days of generating links through directories, press releases, etc. The key today is based on relevant content related sites.
  • A widely used tool today is the guest posting. Do you consider yourself an expert in a particular area ?. Give your blogs specialized knowledge in the subject writing a post about it in exchange for the inclusion of 1 or 2 links to your website.
  • Social Networks
  • Have you just published a new post on your blog? Did you cast a new promo?Share the new content of your site on the social networks!
  • Nothing like the viral power of Twitter or Facebook to help in faster indexing the new page in search engines and attract more visitors.
  • Do you know what the Social Media SEO? Find more information and tips about in this post.
  • Harness the Power of Email Marketing
  • Email marketing is a valuable tool for generating traffic to our website. Depending on your activity and goals of your communications strategy, you can opt for sending a newsletter or promotional email.
  • Be sure to properly segment your subscriber list, customize the message and include links to relevant articles for that target and will generate significant traffic to your website in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Try a free account Doppler and discover for yourself the power of Email Marketing.
  • Measure the Results
  • It is important that you do keep track of each of these actions to measure their impact and make strategic decisions. From this you can better target your communication strategy and your offer.
  • We encourage you to incorporate Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic thoroughly, the most valuable sources of views and content that is most interesting to your audience.
  • What other tools consider useful for generating traffic to your website?Share your knowledge with us!
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¿Quieres ganar dinero escuchando la radio en tu teléfono?

Se trata de una página web que nos paga por realizar llamadas telefónicas a números fijos nacionales y escuchar emisoras de radio.

Antes que nada os digo los países en los que se puede usar esta página: España, República Checa, Finlandia, Polonia, eslovenia, Sudáfrica, Ucrania y Reino Unido.

Es una buena oportunidad para quién tenga tarifa plana en llamadas (como movistar fusion), ya que llamas a números fijos nacionales, que te sale gratis.

- Pagan 0.1362£ cada hora de llamada en el caso de España.

- Mínimo de pago: 5£ por paypal, amazon, bitcoin, litecoin, caridad. Debemos rellenar nuestro método de pago preferido en "settings". Poner la cuenta deseada y seleccionarla.
- Pagan en £ (más que euros) y en menos de 5 minutos ya lo tienes en tu paypal.

- Referidos: 10% de las ganancias de los referidos de primer nivel y el 2% de las ganancias de los referidos de segundo nivel.

Cash4minutes - Gana por llamar por teléfono (parecido classicfon) - Min. 5£ por paypal, amazon, bitcoin, litecoin...

Después de esto paso a explicar el funcionamiento:

1- Una vez registrado tenemos que ir al apartado "Settings" donde debemos poner nuestro nombre y apellidos y el pais donde estamos, además de lo que he dicho anteriormente de escribir nuestra cuenta de pago y seleccionarla. No olvidéis guardar antes de salir ("save changes.

2- Dentro de settings veremos un apartado llamado "Attach Phone" donde podemos añadir hasta 10 números desde los cuales realizaremos las llamadas:

Cash4minutes - Gana por llamar por teléfono (parecido classicfon) - Min. 5£ por paypal, amazon, bitcoin, litecoin...

3- Una vez registrados los números de teléfono desde los cuales llamaremos, para saber los números a los que tenemos que llamar nos vamos a la pestaña "Numbers" y buscamos el apartado de España. Los números que aparecen aquí van cambiando, pero si tú te guardas uno en la agenda del teléfono, aunque no aparezca aquí puedes seguir llamando que se te contabiliza igual.

Cash4minutes - Gana por llamar por teléfono (parecido classicfon) - Min. 5£ por paypal, amazon, bitcoin, litecoin...

Aquí podéis ver los números y a la derecha lo que nos pagan por cada minuto de llamada a los números cada día de la semana.


1- Marcamos el número de teléfono deseado. Nos aparecerá una locución que nos dice que tenemos que introducir el número de teléfono desde el que llamamos con el prefijo de España. Tenemos que introducirlo tras escuchar un pitido. Es decir, si nuestro número es 911554466 tenemos que marcar 34911554466.

2- Tras esto nos aparecerá otra locución que nos dice más o menos que pulsemos del 1 al 9 para seleccionar la emisora de radio que deseemos. Pues pulsad el número que queráis, no hace falta que esperéis a pulsarlo a que acabe la locución.

Las llamadas no se si tienen una duración ilimitada. A mi a veces se me ha colgado al cabo de 1 hora y 50 minutos.

Una vez colgamos al cabo de segundos-minutos ya se ve reflejada la ganancia en la web, en el apartado "Activity":

Cash4minutes - Gana por llamar por teléfono (parecido classicfon) - Min. 5£ por paypal, amazon, bitcoin, litecoin...

Y eso es todo, una vez llegamos al mínimo de pago que son $5 solicitamos pago y lo recibimos en nuestra cuenta el siguiente día laborable.
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How To Raise Money to Start Business and Where to Get Money for Business

The common questions for anyone who want to start business are: How to raise money to start business, and where to get money for my business?
To raise money to start business is not as difficult as most people seem to think. This is especially true when you have an idea that can make you and your backers rich. Actually, there's more money available for new business ventures than there are good business ideas. We will help you for where you can get money for business.

A very important rule of the game to learn: Any time you want to raise money, your first move should be to put together a proper prospectus.

This prospectus should include a resume of your background, your education, training, experience and any other personal qualities that might be counted as an asset to your potential success. It's also a good idea to list the various loans you've had in the past, what they were for, and your history in paying them off.
You'll have to explain in detail how the money you want is going to be used. If it's for an existing business, you'll need a profit and loss record for at least the preceding six months, and a plan showing how this additional money will produce greater profits. If it's a new business, you'll have to show your proposed business plan, your marketing research and projected costs, as well as anticipated income figures, with a summary for each year, over at least a three year period.

It'll be advantageous to you to base your cost estimates high, and your income projections on minimal returns. This will enable you to "ride through" those extreme "ups and downs" inherent in any beginning business. You should also describe what makes your business unique---how it differs form your competition and the opportunities for expansion or secondary products.

This prospectus will have to state precisely what you're offering the investor in return for the use of his money. He'll want to know the percentage of interest you're willing to pay, and whether monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis. Are you offering a certain percentage of the profits? A percentage of the business? A seat on your board of directories?

An investor uses his money to make more money. He wants to make as much as he can, regardless whether it's short term or long term deal. In order to attract him, interest him, and persuade him to "put up" the money you need, you'll not only have to offer him an opportunity for big profits, but you'll have to spell it out in detail, and further, back up your claims with proof from your marketing research.

Venture investors are usually quite familiar with "high risk" proposals, yet they all want to minimize that risk as much as possible. Therefore, your prospectus should include a listing of your business and personal assets with documentation---usually copies of your tax returns for the past three years or more. Your prospective investor may not know anything about you or your business, but if he wants to know, he can pick up his telephone and know everything there is to know within 24 hours. The point here is, don't ever try to "con" a potential investor. Be honest with him. Lay all the facts on the table for him. In most cases, if you've got a good idea and you've done your homework properly, and "interested investor" will understand your position and offer more help than you dared to ask.

When you have your prospectus prepared, know how much money you want, exactly how it will be used, and how you intend to repay it, you're ready to start looking for investors.

As simple as it seems, one of the easiest ways of raising money is by advertising in a newspaper or a national publication featuring such ads. Your ad should state the amount of money you want--always ask for more money than you have room for negotiating. Your ad should also state the type of business involved ( to separate the curious from the truly interested), and the kind of return you're promising on the investment.

Take a page from the party plan merchandisers. Set up a party and invite your friends over. Explain your business plan, the profit potential, and how much you need. Give them each a copy of your prospectus and ask that they pledge a thousand dollars as a non-participating partner in your business. Check with the current tax regulations. You may be allowed up to 25 partners in Sub Chapter S enterprises, opening the door for anyone to gather a group of friends around himself with something to offer them in return for their assistance in capitalizing his business.

You can also issue and sell up to $300,000 worth of stock in your company without going through the Federal Trade Commission. You'll need the help of an attorney to do this, however, and of course a good tax accountant as well wouldn't hurt.

It's always a good idea to have an attorney and an accountant help you make up your business prospectus. As you explain your plan to them, and ask for their advice, casually ask them if they'd mind letting you know of, or steer your way any potential investors they might happen to meet. Do the same with your banker. Give him a copy of your prospectus and ask him if he'd look it over and offer any suggestions for improving it, and of course, let you know of any potential investors. In either case, it's always a good idea to let them know you're willing to pay a "finder's fee" if you can be directed to the right investor.

Professional people such as doctors and dentists are known to have a tendency to join occupational investment groups. The next time you talk with your doctor or dentist, give him a prospectus and explain your plan. He may want to invest on his own or perhaps set up an appointment for you to talk with the manager of his investment group. Either way, you win because when you're looking for money, it's essential that you get the word out as many potential investors as possible.

Don't overlook the possibilities of the Small Business Investment Companies in your area. Look them up in your telephone book under "Investment Services." These companies exist for the sole purpose of lending money to businesses which they feel have a good chance of making money. In many instances, they trade their help for a small interest in your company.

Many states have Business Development Commissions whose goal is to assist in the establishment and growth of new businesses. Not only do they offer favorable taxes and business expertise, most also offer money or facilities to help a new business get started. Your Chamber of Commerce is the place to check for further information of this idea.

Industrial banks are usually much more amenable to making business loans than regular banks, so be sure to check out these institutions in your area. insurance companies are prime sources of long term business capital, but each company varies its policies regarding the type of business it will consider. Check your local agent for the name and address of the person to contact. It's also quite possible to get the directories of another company to invest in your business. Look for a company that can benefit from your product or service. Also, be sure to check at your public library for available foundation grants. These can be the final answer to all your money needs if your business is perceived to be related to the objectives and activities of the foundation.

Finally, there's the Money broker or Finder. These are the people who take your prospectus and circulate it with various known lenders or investors. They always require an up-front or retainer fee, and there's no way they can guarantee to get you the loan or the money you want.

There are many very good money brokers, and there are some that are not so good. They all take a percentage of the gross amount that's finally procured for your needs. The important thing is to check them out fully; find out about the successful loans or investment plans they're arranged, and what kind of investor contacts they have---all of this before you put up any front money or pay any retainer fees.

There are many ways to raise money---from staging garage sales to selling stocks. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the only place you can find the money you need is through the bank or finance company.

Start thinking about the idea of inviting investors to share in your business as silent partners. Think about the idea of obtaining financing for a primary business by arranging financing for another business that will support the start-up, establishment and developing of the primary business. Consider the feasibility of merging with a company that's already organized, and with facilities that are compatible or related to your needs. Give some thought to the possibilities of getting the people supplying your production equipment to co-sign the loan you need for start-up capital.

Remember, there are thousands upon thousands of ways to obtain business start-up capital. This is truly the age of creative financing.

Disregard the stories you hear of "tight money," and start making phone calls, talking to people, and making appointments to discuss your plans with the people who have money invest. There's more money now than there's ever been for a new business investment. The problem is that most beginning "business builders" don't know what to believe or which way to turn for help. They tend to believe the stories of "tight money," and they set aside their plans for a business of their own until a time when start-up money might be easier to find.

The truth is this: Now is the time to make your move. Now is the time to act. the person with a truly viable business plan, and determination to succeed, will make use of every possible idea that can be imagined. And the ideas I've suggested here should serve as just a few of the unlimited sources of monetary help available and waiting for you!

Now you should get idea for how to raise money to start business, how to get money for business, and where to get money for my business.

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Top Tips for Successful SEO Content Writing

The king of SEO is always the content, and hence you can follow these simple tips to gain major rankings in the search engines.

To have a control over the search engine result pages, develop content that attracts the users. Content has a larger reach beyond the benefits offered by SEO. Write effective content for articles, websites, and blog posts to stay connected with your target audience. Focus on interesting topics and write for the audience your website wants to reach to.

In-depth quality content has higher reach. Content based on the commonly asked questions by prospects will definitely have a better reach. Do not focus solely on keyword density or keyword stuffing. Content that has synonyms, related keywords and grammatical variations, can reach a wider audience.

Ideal length of any article or web copy is around 300 to 1000 words. Make your blog posts and social media publications shorter than these. The number of keywords you use also plays a major role in the search engine rankings. Low competition and high quality long-tail keywords can help you in achieving better results.

Add biographical information to your article or story, to enhance the authenticity and content optimization. Keywords in the bio can also help in improving visibility. Do not cram keywords in the web content. Spread them evenly and create organic SEO content. Originality of the content too adds to the credentials of your content.

Meta descriptions do play a major role in creating opportunities for optimization. Increase the value of your content and help it to get recognized by the search engines by including the right Meta descriptions or 150 character descriptions.

Hierarchical tagging helps your content to get good placements on the search engines. Well structured content with proper tags for a professional outlook. Use of h1 tags for titles and h2 tags for the relevant subtitles also helps your content to get enough recognition.

Use primary and secondary keywords effectively to double your search engine rankings. Along with effective content also focus on image building, which is very important in the modern-day online marketing.

There is no one simple formula to gain good rankings on search engines. These tips can help you achieve better results for higher rankings. You can hire a content writer to develop professional content or you can also outsource it to companies that offer content writing services. Ensure that your content is error-free and impeccable.

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What Are the Requirements for Starting an Online Business

This era is totally internet crazy and it is very necessary to gather knowledge about some tit bits before you begin with an online business. Swarms of businessmen are waiting to pick up a robust online venture so that they may meet their ends and objectives in a tech friendly way. Picking up a genre and establishing it online is must if you have to gain perfect visibility among your beloved online audience.

· Firstly, the domain name and the hosting account that you choose is one of the most significant aspects. The choice of your hosting company that you make is vital for the maintenance of reliability between you and your clients.

· Find out whether your aim is to gather leads or to do direct sales.

· Your next aim must be to set up a rich shopping cart. Along with the shopping as well as hosting system you will need a merchant account that should allow you to enable electronic payment methods.

· You should also need a payment gateway that must authorize all kind of payments.

 · Your site must be well organized and 24/7 ready as well as available. You must have enough mechanism to control the entire process and have access to any kind of customer in any corner of the world.

· You must also have efficient designers to create all the necessary designs for your web site. The set of designers that you possess must have the ability to upgrade your site in the best possible ways.

· Next is the goal of your site. You must decide beforehand whether you want a site that would enable sales or just direct sales would satisfy you for now.

 · After fulfilling all these go for reviewing the contents that are going to be uploaded in your site. If you want your designer to design your site in a unique way then go for some study and set up some examples from your web surfing experience so that your designer feels comfortable in producing designs for you.

· To make your site highly visible to the visitors you need effective content infested with appropriate key words so that your visitors are dragged to your site at once.

· Specification of your goals and employing required tools to make your site visible to your audience should fetch you what you want.

· One of the most effective ways to get your site at the top of the search engine ranks is to employ pay per click advertising methods so that you get maximum returns for the revenues you invest.

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Anuntiomatic The New Way to Make Money online

Anuntiomatic works with the publication of Bulletin Boards ranked ads.
You can get you money every month , just for these ads .

For each published ad Anuntiomatic  gives you 0.72 Credit , and when you get to 10,000 Credits, Anuntiomatic paid from 1 to 5 of each month.
Oportunidad de Trabajo desde Casa Gratis

How to Post ?
1. When you enter your ” BackOffice ” or “Virtual Office” have to go to Pre-Redactados ads .
2. Once there, you’ll have to put a small captcha,  and put “Publicar Anuncio”
3. Then, you will give you a link you have to click .
4. Open in another window advertisement with 60 seconds countdown should stop running.
5. Once the 60 seconds run out, you validate your Credit with the link you will .

 BonoMatics Value:
March US$0.01  x 10,000  US$100
April   US$0.008 x 10,000 US$80
May     US$0.009 x 10,000 US$90
June    US$0.007 x 10,000 US$70
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Anuntiomatic, dinero fácil en Internet

Conoce los BonoMatics 

Lo primero que debes saber y que es MUY IMPORTANTE es que los Bonos que consigues NO caducan y que para cobrar necesitas como minimo 10.000 bonos. Te pueden parecer muchos, pero si sigues todos los consejos que por aqui te diremos lo puedes conseguir, ya seas gratuito o de forma mas sencilla comprando un tablero, pero ya hablaros de eso más adelante

La empresa, reparte el 50% de su beneficio que tiene cada mes con TODOS los usuarios que como minimo tengamos 10.000 bonos. Es por esto, que el valor del bono varia cada mes. Por ejemplo, en Marzo el valor fue de 0,01$, en abril de 0,008$ y este mes de Mayo de 0,009$.

Ahora bien, como conseguimos Bonos? en este primer manual os explicare como publicando anuncios Pre-redactados:

Manual Basico anuntiomatic.

Lo primero sera darle donde pone "Pre-redactados" una vez le das te sale una nueva ventana:

Manual Basico anuntiomatic.

Como ves, aquí nos sale una especia de Capcha en la cual, deberemos realizar la suma y una vez realizada le damos a "publicar Anuncio", en este caso seria 3+9 =12. Una vez dado el clic sale una nueva ventana con el link del anuncio que publicaremos y le daremos a clic.

Manual Basico anuntiomatic.

Ahora, en una pestaña nueva te saldrá el tablero donde estamos anuncioando y un contador que va de 60 a cero

Manual Basico anuntiomatic.

Cuando el contador llega a cero saldra esta ventana donde le daremos clic y una vez esonuestra buena amiga nos dara las gracias y nos indicara que los bonos se han sumado a tu cuenta!!

Manual Basico anuntiomatic.

Manual Basico anuntiomatic.

Estos anuncios los podemos hacer de dos en dos, osea toda la operacion dos veces seguidas con lo cual, cada 70 segundos aproximadamente, podremos hacer 2 anuncios!

Por cada anuncio pre-redactado que hagas, siendo usuario Gratuito ganaras 0,72 bonos, con lo cual, si haces 2 al mismo tiempo, cada 70 segundos sumaras 1.44 bonomatics en tu cuenta!!

Pero esta no es la unica forma de ganar bonos, lo puedes hacer, con la seccion de registros, teniendo referidos y algunas más!

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Basics of Search Engine Optimisation

The world of SEO is complex and there are many factors which contribute to your website appearing on the first page of search results. In fact, Google considers over 200 factors when ranking websites in its search results! The first step is to tackle the basics - Onpage Optimisation.

Onpage optimisation is one of the very first steps of SEO and done correctly, will help your website rank well in search engine results. Google loves fresh content which is great news if your website has a content management systems (CMS). With full control of your website content via a CMS, you can manipulate webpages to improve your website's search engine ranking. Simply, use your website CMS to implement the following techniques:

1) Meta Title Tag
The meta title tag is appears at the top of the web browser and search result listings. The title tag of a webpage should be an accurate and concise description of the webpage.
• The meta title tag must contain 50 -70 characters including spaces
• Place main keyword within the meta title tag
• The content of the meta title tag must be unique for each web page
2) Meta Description Tag
The meta description tag is a snippet of a webpage commonly displayed on search result listings. The meta description provides a great opportunity to include keywords and create a compelling description to encourage the user to click through to your website.
• The meta description tag must contain 150 - 160 characters including spaces
• Place main keyword within the meta description tag
3) H1
The H1 header tag is visible on the webpage (unlike the title tag and meta description). The H1 must be included on all webpages and contain your main keyword.
• Place main keyword within the H1
• Your H1 must not be identical to the meta title tag
• Create a unique and relevant H1 tag for each web page
4) Content
Search engines are attracted to unique content that provides valuable information to the user. Avoid duplicate content and do not copy and paste content from another webpage.
• Include your main keyword within the first paragraph of content
• Never compromise on grammar if an effort to insert keywords
5) Image Alt Tag
Search engines cannot read images therefore it's important to describe the image or graphic in text format within the image alt tag.
• Insert main keyword in the image alt tag
• Make sure you image alt tag is relevant to the image and makes sense to the website visitor
6) URL Slug
The slug is the end part of a URL which identifies a page using human-readable keywords.
• Use your main keyword with your URL
7) Anchor Text
Anchor text is the keywords within your content that link to external or internal webpages.
• 70% of anchor text should be your brand name, or generic text like 'read more'
• 30% of anchor text should be keywords

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Anuntiomatic, easy dollars posting ads

Anuntiomatic Business Opportunity Success From Home


"From the comfort of your own home, only with your PC and Internet, garantízate revenue for you, from the first month and lifetime"


"Getting a FREE Now "


"You do not need special knowledge, Anuntiomatic Opportunity is available to any person in any country"
Want to know how it works, as cobras your money, how to earn that amount you need or want every month? Read to the end and be amazed.
Who are we? are a Holding companies located throughout the world. We are owners and franchisors of a network of free classified advertising boards and associated online shops.
What we offer?
To sell our products and services, as well as those of our partners and suppliers to promote our proposed business opportunity from home, we need to publish a huge amount of classified ads. Also we need to log in websites and other actions that we recommend.
For this reason, we have created a unique and exclusive system, through a personal backoffice, where we give and drafted the classified ads and other actions, which by dint of several simple mouse click, your's can be performed without special times in your spare time.
What's ads and other actions, without any need to get sales, you reward your work with our exclusive BonoMatics.
By submitting your affiliate link to potential customers that the publication of classified ads, to buy them BonoAnuncios, you also receive commissions BonoMatics. For every BonoAnuncio purchased by a customer who is not affiliated sponsor your client get one for each BonoAnuncio BonoMatic.
What are the BonoMatics?
The Bonomatics are a unit that we created to reward and distribute most of our revenues and profits to its owners. They are investments in our income statement. We distributed our earnings between our affiliate network.
That part of our split billing each month?
- Of the total turnover of services or intangible products 50%.
- Of the total turnover of tangible products more than 20%, which is the guaranteed minimum.
As BonoMatics get?
- Publishing classified as pre-written ads from your own back office.
- By registering on websites through your Backoffice.
- Buying BonoAnuncios with gift BonoMatics only through your Backoffice.
- With your purchases in our Store Network.
- Recommending Anuntiomatic Opportunity others through your affiliate links.
"Once you reach 10,000 BonoMatics, which is well easy, cobras every month for life but do not do anything more!"
What are the BonoAnuncios?
1 BonoAnuncio equals the automatic publication of a classified ad. Purchases 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000? They are classified credits that you can publish your pace and automatically promote any service, product or company. When shopping BonoAnuncios in your backoffice you will see a form that allows you to create and publish thousands of listings instantly. Schedule your publication in time, in a later post automatic, 100 pilot every day, 1000, and who want our boards to your network at any time you choose. Is a Mighty advertising system where you can promote whatever you want with products, business opportunities, rentals, etc. with just a few clicks and texts. You can eat your BonoAnuncios as you want, no expiration.
The BonoAnuncios are ideal for professionals in all sectors, real estate, buying and selling vehicles, mobile telephony, computing, health and beauty, tarot and all sectors of production and consumption. We just have prohibited the publication of erotic ads.
Countries in which we operate
We operate in almost all countries and languages ​​of the world
Compensation Plan, and then ... How to be a true leader in BonoMatics
GROUP : This is the name that you receive depending on whether you are Free, Plank owner of a shop, several, etc..
LEVELS : Level 1 you are yourself. Level 2, your direct links and so on until level 11 which is the maximum depth that you receive commissions BonoMatics.
NUMBERS : They are in percent and the mean percentage of each generated BonoMatic that you receive, depending own (Level 1) or depth (Level 2 and beyond) production.
To ascend to Byte and successive garatuito, you have to purchase one bulletin board for each category. The price is 135 dollars in installation more dollars first month and 45 successive months.
Explanation : For example, if you are free and publish a notice from your Backoffice preredactado whose value is 1 BonoMatic, you receive 72% of that BonoMatic, ie 0.72 BonoMatics.
In the same case above, if you are Byte, receive BonoMatics 2.16. And so on according to table.
In addition to this table, the following compensation:
  1. If you have any kind of disability, you send us certificate or supporting document, we give 5,000 BonoMatics welcome and totally free push.
  2. You get 5% BonoMatics all purchases BonoAnuncios performing your direct links.
  3. You get 10% extra on BonoMatics by buybacks BonoAnuncios you make each month with your first profits.
  4. What you do in your shopping BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics between the 1st and 5th of each month, also get 10% extra on BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics.
  5. What you do in your shopping BonoMaticsentre BonoAnuncios + 6 and 10th of each month, get 8% extra BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics.
  6. What you do in your shopping BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics between the 11th and 15th of each month, you receive an extra 6% + BonoMatics BonoAnuncios.
  7. What you do in your shopping BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics between 16th and 20th of each month, you get 4% extra BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics.
  8. What you do in your shopping BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics between days 21 and 25 of each month, you get 2% extra + BonoMatics BonoAnuncios.
  9. What you do in your shopping BonoAnuncios + BonoMatics between the 26th and end of each month, you have no bonus, but if you exceed the 10,000 BonoMatics, you start to collect the first of the following month, ie almost immediately.
How to be a true leader in Anuntiomatic and get Financial Freedom
Register and start generating BonoMatics and start making money is totally free.
But suppose you aspire to more, and that's why we've drawn a plan which you can accommodate your means and time available, so that succeeding month after month with our Opportunity is totally within reach.
When you reach the amount of 10,000 BonoMatics is when you start to charge, but not only this month, but to be accumulated BonoMatics, and warrant that you are going to charge EVERY MONTH, even without generating a single BonoMatic more.
What's the Plan?
  1. Choose your home ASAP bulletin board. So your bonus and you get your network multiply.
  2. Go gradually or all at once, becoming taboo until Yottabyte Group belong to which your BonoMatics multiply the speed of light!
  3. Buy BonoAnuncios with BonoMatics whenever you want, provided that money you do not need. The purchase price + BonoMatic BonoAnuncio currently is fixed and is 0.03 U.S. cents.
  4. Recommends this opportunity to others. Thus BonoMatics receive them whenever you generate, and the larger the group you belong to, the more you receive automatically.
  5. Repurchase end of each month with more BonoMatics your benefits, you get a bonus of 10%. Do this, if you can afford it, at least during the first 6 months.
  6. Participate in all campaigns available in the section Get more bonds.
About BonoMatics and value each month
The BonoMatic is a kind of point actions and also can be purchased, as explained above.
Through explanation and application examples, we want to clearly expose how it works, and is valued as paid, etc.. so you do not have any doubt about the sustainability and continuity of Anuntiomatic Business System.
The BonoMatic is unlimited, so that each day are generating new BonoMatics. And parallel billing and sales of the company rises, given the high level of acceptance of our business formula. Even our turnover down even without getting new members and new customers without our Business System would be fully sustainable in comfort. This makes it unique, exclusive, different and profitable for both the company and all its affiliates and partners.
Example 1:
Any month ... The last day of the month, zero minutes 2400 hours, which is when we make the end of the month, we checked in intangibles $ 50,000 and there are a total of 1,000,000 BonoMatics in the hands of people with more 10,000 pcs.
You have such BonoMatics 12,000. The Cobras of 1 to 5? What calculations do?
We deal in all the following quantity: 50,000 / 2 = $ 25,000
25,000 / 1,000,000 = 0.0250
Your cobras: 12,000 x 0.0250 = $ 300.
Example 2:
Next month ... The last day of the month, zero minutes 2400 hours, which is when we make the end of the month, we checked in intangibles $ 60,000 and there are a total of 2,000,000 BonoMatics in the hands of people over 10,000 pcs.
You have such BonoMatics 24,000. Corresponds to bring 12,000 the previous month, more than 12,000 have either generated or purchased. The Cobras of 1 to 5? What calculations do?
We deal in all the following quantity: 60,000 / 2 = $ 30,000
30,000 / 2,000,000 = 0.0150
Your cobras: 24,000 x 0.0150 = $ 360.
Example 3:
Next month ... The last day of the month, zero minutes 2400 hours, which is when we make the end of the month, we checked in intangibles $ 80,000 and there are a total of 3,000,000 BonoMatics in the hands of people over 10,000 pcs.
You have such BonoMatics 30,000. Corresponds to bring 24,000 the previous month, more than 6,000 have either generated or purchased. The Cobras of 1 to 5? What calculations do?
We deal in all the following quantity: 80,000 / 2 = $ 40,000
40,000 / 3,000,000 = 0.0133
Your cobras: 30,000 x 0.0133 = $ 399.
About the Message Boards
The proposal that we like is the administration of a plank local listings in your area or city population.
No precise technical knowledge for managing some, and you do everything you need to know that you do not do.
Even if you do not have to do anything. We give it fully operational.
What is necessary is that if you're determined to promote your new plank locally, both of the methods that we will indicate and trading techniques that you commonly use.
The advantages are many, the very high profitability from the start and almost assured success.
The risk is almost nil because the cost is extremely low: $ 135 to start and 45 per month.
No more hidden fees or royalties, or anything. It is all inclusive, that we do updates, ongoing support in managing, hosting, etc..
Among many other benefits that you will discover, we list some of them:
- Integration into the overall ranking results from other portals Anuntiomatic.
- Growing your website thanks guaranteed to add it in the Backoffice, thereby receiving ads is guaranteed.
- Advertising revenues, which we advise are fully 100% yours and we show you how to get them, even if we do like you do not know. but who you charge, it's you. For example:
  1. Advertise on home page in several places, Pre-header-post header, several right side, left side and right banners, pre-footer, post-footer.
  2. Right classified into categories, and many more areas.
  3. Possibility of ads by category and subcategory so that for example, a law firm, appears only in category Attorneys.
  4. Advertising in the ads themselves, before and after, as well as sides.
  5. You get TRIPLE BOND generated by you with respect to a standard user.
  6. and much more too numerous to write here.
- You continually send web traffic to your board.
- If you participate in business, affiliate MLM, traditional businesses, it's a great opportunity to place your links and banners on key and visible plank sites. This is pure gold. Fancy a link to your business, your on your homepage accessed by thousands of users every day?
- Direct access to the menu on your board with your affiliate link Anuntiomatic, so that all the public in your area and visitors you receive, can access the Business Opportunity through you, so that your financial results through exclusive bonus system, multiplies.
- Complete Video Tutorial on how to manage and promote your bulletin board and supuiesto monetize. Insist, no precise technical skills, but if you have, the better.
- Fully optimized for ultra-fast search engine positioning. It's pretty easy to convert your bulletin board undisputed leader in your area.
- We will soon have a renewing of ads for our sites, including yours of course.
- Unity is strength. You are never alone. You are important part of a great organization serving people.
- If you work hard and Business Opportunity plus you have your own board, you have a perfect combination. It is the ideal way to develop this activity that gives us so much joy.
- Do not demand anything, just a few standards that we can not jump, and dedication to your online and offline party to fit your schedule and possibilities.
- You have to subscribe to a list of our partners for exclusive email where you continually informed of methods, techniques, ideas, and everything that can help you.
- And let some more advantages for your discovering the go.
Just to give you a tip: With one board you can earn directly and indirectly thousands of dollars, euros each month.
Technically, we arrived where you do not get, that is, agree to your knowledge, whether zero, can develop our proposal without any complication.
And what happens if one day you do not want to follow? No problem, we communicate and we take care of your board. No guarantee for our
work is done.
Although I can assure you that this will not happen.
Got it clear? You want to start? Have questions?
If in doubt, contact us via the contact form on this page.
And if you have clear, go into your BackOffice, select one or more boards available and are already yours. Your account is automatically promoted according amount of planks acquired Byte, Megabyte, etc..
And do not forget to be first, and a population that once sold, this will never be more available to acquire it.
We wish you much success.
Forms of Payment:
Paypal, Credit Card, Debit and Bank Transfer.
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Probux es un servicio gratuito 
A nivel mundial que permite a los anunciantes llegar a los clientes potenciales al mostrar sus anuncios en este sitio y también proporciona a los usuarios registrados una rentabilidad teniendo en cuenta el acceso a la página.
Así que, ¿qué estás esperando? Empieza a ganar dinero ahora!
1.-Registrate haciendo clic en el rectangulo verde (Start Earning Now) empieza a ganar

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